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The greatest time of year. What is that wonderful feeling we get this time of year? Is it about family, food, gifts Santa Claus? Partly, but there is more to it...much more. As the carol proclaims, "There's a song in the air." All my life, I have longed for and received the Christmas spirit at this time of year. Usually a beautiful Christmas carol or a family memory tunes me into the glory of the season, but what is it exactly...what is the feeling? I am convinced it is the Spirit of Christ blessing us all as we turn our hearts to Bethlehem. Even those who do not believe receive some of that glorious Spirit. Some try to explain it away and take Christ out of Christmas, but that will never happen. Enjoy the glory of the Holy Days.

 The 2018 Christmas Candlelight Service and Fellowship will be held on Dec.      14th at 7:00 PM. Everyone is welcome. Food and fellowship afterward.

2015 Christmas Party for special kids from JC Elementary:


The 2015 Calvary Christmas program and fellowship on Friday night, Dec. 11th was a great success. The music and candlelight were glorious! The fellowship afterward was a warm outpouring of love. We all got into the true Christmas Spirit. The food was delicious too!


Calvary Kids at Gazebo in Wilke Park in JC

The December food distribution will be on Sat. Dec. 19th at 10:00 AM. Afterwards (1:00), there will be a Christmas pantry party in our fellowship hall for some special kids and their families.

Food Pantry Helpers at the 2014
Annual Pantry Party

Kids at Pantry Party


The smiles are the reward.


Here are some pics from the 2014 party:

Pastor/Councilman Lee Reading to Kids at the 2014 JC Library Christmas Party


Latoya and Marcus at Christmas Party


The 2015 Party



Stuffing candy for kids at City Hall
Peanut Robertson, Kath Griner,
Joyce Rains and Mayor Ana Diaz




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