Calvary Baptist Church of Jacinto City - Preaching Grace, rinning the race, seeking His face
Upon this Rock,  I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.  
 Satan will not prevail, but he does assail.  Late Thursday night, June 25, a couple of young men decided to steal a truck and in the process drove it through the corner of the church building. The room that took the brunt of the attack is a small room used by the pastor for prayer and meditation on Sunday mornings.

Fortunately we have good helpers
Obviously we need your prayers.
Satan will not prevail.

GOD PROVIDES through the generosity of church members and members of the community!

BBQ Benefit for the building fund

The work begins...

June 20th, five days short of the two year anniversary of Satan's attack...

God Wins! The repairs are done. We are very grateful to our Lord Jesus and to the people from the church and the community who were used by Him to rebuild the wall.

Wait, I say, upon the Lord.   


Glory to God

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