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SUNDAY SERMON for Jan. 11, 2015

A Visible Body

Romans 12: 4-21; Matthew 16:18; Hebrews 10: 23-25

The Lord's church is a visible, local body of  Baptized believers who want to do the will of God in Christ Jesus. We have a Spiritual relationship with the invisible Father in Heaven because of the complete work of the Lord Jesus. He had a visible ministry on earth during which He called out a visible body of disciples. These were His church.

 Today the local church is the visible expression of the invisible relationship we have with God through the presence of the Holy Spirit.  What in the world does all that mean? Well... in order to win people to the Lord and to build His church, we, His church, must do some visible works. We are completely justified in the eyes of God apart from any good deeds because we have trusted in Jesus Christ. That means we are saved forever simply by faith in Christ. There is no good work we can ever do to earn Salvation, and there is no bad deed we can ever do to lose it. It is all taken care of by the sacrifice Christ made at Calvary. We only must believe.

 However, there are deeds we do because we are saved which are the visible expressions of our faith. These are done in order to justify us in the eyes of people. People demand visible evidence. Jesus said that we are to let our lights shine so that people will see our good deeds and glorify the Father in Heaven. We don't work to be saved; we work because we are saved.

Sunday Sermon for Dec. 21, 2014

Great Joy
Luke 1: 39-44; 2: 10-11; Matthew 2:10; Luke 24: 50-52; III John 1:4

It is a great message that proclaims the great joy associated with knowing Jesus Christ. There was great joy at His birth, during His life on earth, at His ascension and now in knowing Him through the Holy Spirit. The joy of Christmas is a real joy available to all believers all year long.

SUNDAY SERMON for Dec. 7, 2014                                               

BORN IN THE FLESH                                                                                          Luke 2: 1-12; I John 4:2; Philippians 2:8                                                          

The Little Baby Jesus, born in the stable in Bethlehem, away in a manger, on a holy night, brings joy to the world, so come all ye faithful, and Hark! the hearald angels are singing!

We love that Baby Jesus, but the truth is that the Lord Jesus was much more than just a baby, a boy, a man... He is Eternal God; He always has existed and always will. He chose to become what we are before we ever were. When He created the first man, it was already in his plan that He would become one of His creation.

The wonder and glory of His virgin birth was just the beginning of His perfect human life, His ministry on earth, His crucifixion, His resurrection, His ascension and His constant intercession for all believers. 

The glory of Christmas is that our Savior was born in the flesh. 

SUNDAY SERMON for Oct. 19, 2014

Does the Cross Influence Your Life?
Philippians 2: 5-8

Christ is Eternal God, but He left His home in Heaven for awhile and limited Himself to the life of a human being.He allowed Himself to be rejected by His own people, falsely accused and sentenced to death. He was humiliated, beaten, tortured and crucified because He wanted to be the Supreme Sacrifice for all time and pay the price for all the sins we have all committed. Does that influence your life? Does that affect your attitude? You may believe that the Lord Jesus did all that for you, but does the love that led Jesus to the Cross live in you and flow from you to others? Do you live a life that reflects gratitude to the Lord for His sacrifice?

Read Luke 14:27; Romans 6:6; Colossians 2:14; Galatians 6:14  


SUNDAY SERMON For Easter, April 20, 2014:
Text: Matthew 12: 38-40; 16: 21,22; John 20: 1-10
The Disciples, though living with and experiencing the ministry of the Lord Jesus, seemed to just not be listening sometimes. On several occasions the Lord attempted to teach His followers about His approaching death, burial and resurrection. Along with Jesus' teachings, the spoken Word of God, the Disciples also had the Scriptures, the written Word of God, but were still not prepared for the Lord's death and resurrection.
Are we listening to God today? He wants to speak to us through His Holy Spirit, the Bible, the Church, friends, family and the experiences of life. What are we missing by ignoring God when He speaks?  
The Disciples would have missed the greatest event the world has ever known had the women who went to the Lord's tomb and found it to be empty not run to tell them that the Body was gone.  Later, the Risen Lord Himself appeared to them and commissioned them to take the Gospel to the world. They were changed by that experience. They gave their lives rather than deny what they knew to be true. 
SUNDAY SERMON FOR: January 5, 2014
Text: Acts 16: 22-24
Scriptures: Acts 5: 31; 20: 21; II Cor. 7: 8-10
II Timothy 2: 25, 26: Those who oppose God must be gently instructed, in the hope that God will grant them repentance to accept the truth, and that they will come to their senses and escape the trap of the devil who has taken them captive to do his will.
The true meaning of repentance has been corrupted by people - some well-meaning, and some not. Some have said that repentance means to turn away from one's sins, and that is certainly true, but not the whole truth. Some have said to repent means to regret one's sinfulness. Again that may be a big part of getting right with God, but if just being sorry was enough to go to Heaven a lot more people would make it.
Godly repentance, that which is produced in us by the Holy Spirit, is not just turning away fom sins. That turn must be toward Jesus Christ. There is no Salvation without faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Many people make sincere attempts to live better lives, especially this time of year, but those attempts are made in the flesh and are not a result of the Holy Spirit's leading. The Spirit always leads to Christ.
There are also those who confuse repentance with penance. Works of penance are outward showings of regret for sin performed in a vain attempt to gain God's favor and forgiveness. There is no Scriptural basis for this belief (Eph. 2: 8,9).                                   
Another thing we must remember is that repentance is not just for unsaved people. When we are first given repentance at the time of salvation, it is a Spiritual ability which stays with us. Believers need to repent. It is a part of our walk with God. He shows us things we need to change and we should follow His leading.
Aug. 11, 2013
From the Inside Out
Text: Matthew 23: 25=28
II Corinthians 7:10: For Godly sorrow brings true repentance unto salvation, which will not be re3gretted: but wordly sorrow brings death.
Ephesians 5:8: You were once in the darkness, but now you have the light of the Lord. Live as children of light.You were once
Aug. 4, 2013
Jesus Knows All About Our Troubles
John 14:1: Do not let your hearts be troubled; you believe in God the Father, believe in me also.
John 11: 32-35;  II Cor. 4: 6-9
Sept. 1, 2013
The Back Side of the Desert
Exodus 3: 1-4:  Have you ever felt like you were in the back side of the desert? Things were going well and then, all of a sudden you are in a slump, working a menial job, lonely, financially shot, and you want to ask God, "Just what is going on anyway?" Well trust the Lord. He has a purpose and may well be getting you ready for the next big,  life-changing revelation.
Sept. 8, 2013
What is Important
Matt. 9: 1-12; John 12: 1-7  Do people who don't really know about what it means to serve the Lord in His local church judge you and the church? Do they try to hold you to their own ideals and criticize you for not measuring up to their standards?  Pretty frustrating huh? Jesus knows all about it, and His disciples learned about criticism from the outside...and even from the inside. Keep your focus on the Lord and His power. He is on our side. 
Sept. 29, 2013
DoYou Love God?
Matt. 22: 35-40
What does it mean to love God? Can a human being truly love a God we cannot see? The Bible says we love Him because He loved us first. It takes the presence of God inside of us to truly love God and people the way we should. Jesus is the greatest example of unconditional, unselfish, real, everlasting love. When we accept the Lord Jesus and His Spirit begins to live in us, we begin to truly love God and people. This fulfills God's commandments in us. Christians who do not allow the Holy Spirit to cause God's love to flow into us, through us, and out to others are not being truthful and are hindering the Spirit's work.
John 14:15; I Cor. 13: 1-3; I John 4: 8, 19-21
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